Wobble Board
Wobble Board
Wobble Board
Wobble Board
Wobble Board
Wobble Board
Wobble Board

Wobble Board


Our very first wobble board! Built to be extremely durable, classy looking, eco-friendly, and functional. Ready to fulfill every athlete's desire.

The key features:

  1. 360-degree rotation and 16-degree tilting capability make it a great addition to most bodyweight exercises by helping to improve core muscle development, coordination, agility, and joint strength.
  2. Made out of natural materials only. Every material which is used in the making of this board is coming from nature, making it eco-friendly and bio-degradable. 
  3. Compact size. Relatively small size parameters ensure that the board will fit in almost every backpack. The board will always be there when the time comes to working out or having fun.
  4. Cork anti-slip surface and wooden quarter sphere. Original cork upper layer grips users' feet no matter if those are bare feet or shoes. Plywood deck and sphere will ensure that the board will last for many years and will not let anyone down even when put through great challenges.

    Technical specifications:

    Deck size: 40cm x 1.2cm

    Max tilt angle: 16 degrees

    Total Height: 8cm


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    All of our products are well packaged in reusable linen straps to make carrying around easy. 


    Unique cork amortization layer make rolling quiet, soft and smooth while protecting floor on which it is being used. Rollers can be used in-doors, outdoors. 


    Anti-slip strips so it easy and safe to workout no matter if you are bare feet or you have shoes on. 


    Stoppers on both ends to make balancing easier and safer for beginners. 



    Balance board is great multi-purpose tool. It will be a lot fun for all types of athletes. 
    Heathy back posture, stronger core and leg muscles, and improved balance are only few things that a balance board can provide!  

    Lighten up your party

    No matter how old you are, you will be able to spice up any party with a balance board. Fun vibe and endless fun is what we can guarantee!

    this is what customers say about our products

    FANTASTIC craftsmanship!
    You can buy whatever balance board you want but I tell you as a surfer and skater that this is THE BEST balance board I have ever ridden... Hands down. This would easily warrent hundreds more dollars... Well done guys!:)

    By JASON S.

    Very nice board! I ordered it for me, but my 4 year old, 6 year old, and husband have been loving it too. (Especially since were in quarentine!) Thank you so much!

    By ERIN B.

    The board is extremely well made, and super fun to use. I am beyond excited about it. Very fast and accurate dispatch given the global situation.
    Excellent value for money!

    By BIA S.