About Us (old)

Established in 2018, OKRAFTS is an innovative lifestyle company whose core business activity is sporting goods manufacturing. Our primary focus is on niche product- balance board production and culture developed around the product. Products for other board sports are under development and will soon come!

 How Are We Different?

  • Attention to detail- that's what sets us apart the most. 
  • Innovation- one of the core element of our business strategy.
  • Materials- every product is at least 90% made of natural materials to stay eco-friendly and sustainable. 
  • Handcrafted products- yes, our products are indeed made by woodworking enthusiasts by hand according to precise production guidelines.
  • Analysis- extensive testing and customer feedback are cornerstones of new product development. Each product's characteristics are a combination of attributes shared by many other sports. Not a single detail is created by mistake.  


Meet the Team

Ever wondered what are the people standing behind OKRAFTS?
There are three of them. All of them has been involve in all of the processes since the very beginning of an idea.
Valters Odziņš





Valters is the one responsible for creation of Okrafts. Always full of ideas and ready to go in any direction for the sake of success. Sales and strategic planning is what he enjoys the most. Best described as the picky eye in the team. 








Elvis is the one who knows how to translate wildest ideas in to tangible outcome, meaning products. If there is one person that really knows how the board manufacturing process goes from A to Z, that’s him- isn’t that cool?






Noticed beautiful photos? Making all kinds of photos and visual materials is where Reinis shines. In addition to a "good eye", he also has a great understanding of the way people perceive things and that is exactly shat makes him irreplaceable when it comes to marketing.





Our Vision And the Main Goal?

To be the leading board sports equipment manufacturer and to develop culture and movement around the product while inspiring enthusiasts and athletes all around the world.

Exceptional quality, responsiveness, reliability, authenticity and originality. That's what makes us copyable but inimitable.