FAQss (old)

What does OKRAFTS stands for?

This one gets asked a lot!
Name "OKRAFTS" consist of two separate parts- "O" and "KRAFTS". Letter "O" comes from the company's founder surname, and word "CRAFTS" which symbolizes what we do.

From what age can a children start using a balance board?

We recommend start practicing on balance boards from age 4; however, some individuals might be able to learn this at an even younger age.

How old should I be to use a balance board?

As surprising as it is, balancing is recommended in all ages. Regular balancing helps to develop leg, bottom, back, and core muscles, which are crucial at all ages. Balancing will keep you fit, entertained and in balance no matter how old you are!

Where is it possible to see and buy your products?

Currently our boards can be viewed, tested and purchased in our workshop and in all the partner shops! See page Partners to find your closest shop!

Why should I use a balance board?

One- balance board develops many different muscle groups that are responsible for healthy posture. Two- it is very fun to use it in a group of friends or family since there is always something new to learn. Three- balance simulates other board, allowing you to entertain yourself while waiting for the specific sport's season. 

Where should I use my balance board and is it durable?

Our boards are made to be used both outdoors and indoors. Our boards and rollers have proven their durability by not taking any damage after being used multiple times on very rough surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, even in wet conditions. Although water won't do any damage to our boards in short term, wooden structure can be damaged if exposed to water for a longer time.

Do you ship your products anywhere?

Yes, we do worldwide shipping! If you can not find your country in the country's list at the checkout, message us and get your order fulfilled!

Where are your boards manufactured?

All of our products are handcrafted in Latvia, Europe. To see our address and precise locations of our workshop, visit Contacts page.