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Balance Board Classic

Balance Board Classic

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What is it?
Hand-made premium quality Balance Boards made for people of all ages. A perfect tool for improving balance, coordination, and agility. Durable cork roller makes rolling perfectly smooth, quiet and suitable for use on dry surfaces outside and on all kinds of floors surfaces inside the building. Available with a semi-matte lacquer finish in 5 different colors. Anti-slip strips will make balancing comfortable with shoes, socks and even with bare feet. All of the Boards comes with stoppers on both ends to make balancing safer for beginners.
Balance boards will be a perfect match for the ones, who:
  • Desire and support active and fun entertainment.
  • Wants to have daily physical activities either at work or home.
  • Would like to lose body weight and grow muscles.
  • Is in need to develop and strengthen the core and leg muscles.
  • Want to improve self-balance.
  • Are athletes.
Technical specifications:
  • Board Dimensions (cm) - 75 * 32 * 1.5
  • Roller dimensions (cm) - 45 * 12
  • Recommended age: 12- 65 
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Gross weight: 6 kg
  • Net weight: 5.5 kg
TIPS for beginners:
  • Start using the board by holding on to a stable object or wall.
  • Find balancing buddy who can help you with finding balance in first minutes.
  • Keep your feet parallel.
  • Keep your head and eyesight horizontal.
  • Stay slightly squatted in both legs
  • Hold your back straight.
  • Don't lean over your feet with your head.
  • Practice every day for best results!




DISCLAIMER: Use of this product is associated with high level of risk that may lead to injuries. OKRAFTS LLC is not responsible and can not be held liable for damages obtained by using any of OKRAFTS' products. Use at your own risk.

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